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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Survey lagi. Tak der keje maaaaaa

1. What are you doin?
bace blog, jawab survey.

2. What were you doin before?
Just came back from toilet.

3. What are you thinking of now?
Nak balik ngan sape ek petang ni?

4. What time did you sleep last night?
11 pm.

5. What did you do last night?
Tengok Festival Filem Malaysia yang ke-18 yang sucks

6. What did you last say to a friend?

7. What attracts u to the opposite sex?
Honesty (ok ok tu kena amik masa yang sangat
lama) eyes and imperfections.. hahahah giler

8. What makes you happy?
Reading and chit chat with the whole of my family.

9. What are you wearing right now?
Baju Kurung Batik.

10. What will you do after answering this?
sambung format soalan

11. Who was the last person you talked to?
Abang Isman From Kumpulan Nasyid Hijjaz. He called me just now.

12. What do you want to tell ur crush when the
time is right?
tak payah cakap apa2. nanti jatuh saham aku!!!

13. When is your birthday?
Oct 5th 1981.

14. What you wanna get 4 ur birthday?
Handphone. Hey, ape ni asyik nak handphone jek. Dah baper tahun berturut2 asyik dapat handphone jek. Tak per, kali ni nak yang lagi canggih punya. Sape nak bagi ek?

16. When did you last cry?
Masa Konsert AF yang ke 7 masa Ekin kuar. Me pun tatau kenape me nangis maaaaa.

17. When did you last smile?
Masa makan kat bilik rehat dengan colleagues

18. Why are u answering these questions?
Sebab tak der keje. So, jawab je lah.

19. When did u last receive a gift?
Last two month when Kak Basirah came to visit us. She bought me 2 Dior Handbag. Sayang Kak Basirah.

20. When did you last drink alcoholic beverages?
Never done and never will

21. Who will you vote for president
Vote diri sendiri boleh tak?

22. Who was the last person you talked about?

23. Who makes you happy?
My family and friends who matter :D

24. Who do u love?
Family, frens and starting to be a tad selfish on
loving myself ;p

25. Who do you hate most among your friends?
Simply ppl who arent sincere. tak nak citer lebih
sbb it's always open to exceptions and debate :D

26. Who has the cutest smile you've ever seen?
Irdina Syarafana (My cutie Niece). Luv u Lots Baby.

27. Who do you talk on d phone with often?

28. Do you belong to a club in your school/uni?

29. how's school/college/uni?

30. Do you take drugs?

31. Are you a shop-aholic?

32. Do you wear eye contacts?

33. Do you kiss your parents good night?
No. I only kiss them when I want to go for work.

34. Do people often send you messages in
tak jugak

35. How about in e-mail?
tak jugak

36. How do you treat your loved ones?
just being there for them...

37. Are you loved by someone?
i think so la.. My family la of course!

38. weather?
ok je Shah Alam pagi ni

39. R u happy now?
Of course I’m happy.

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