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Thursday, September 29, 2005


o1.wat date and time is it now?
~ 28 Sept and 10:07 AM

o2.who's at home wif ya now?
~ WIsh i am at home.. but my brother is anyway...

o3.did u go out yesterday? where?
~ yes.... wif my sister. Giant Kelana Jaya.

o5. What song is playing rite now?
~ Blackstreet - Incomplete

o6.wat time did u wake up today?
~ 4.30 AM

o7.did u go anywhere?
~ Office

o8.wat did u do there?
~ workin old are u now?
~ 23++

10.are u mature or immature?
~ i am soooo immature when wif my ... hehehehe.

11.wat do u call ur mother?
~ mak

13.are u de only boy/girl in ur family?
~ Nope

14.are you spoiled?
~ nope u wanna get married?
~ yup..haii bile laa ade org nak masuk meminang?

16.wif who?
~ sape2 yg masuk meminang aku cepat!

17.if u were to marry a celebrity. who wld u
~ ermm... Anuar Zain. Tak pun Eizlan Yusuf pun ok gak. Muahahaha.

18. would u like to meet her/him?
~ Boleh gak

19.where do u think ur best friends are?
~ working..lepak kat rumah... chil..

20.when was de last time u talk to ur best frens?
~ Iera- just now kat YM u think he/she needs u now?
~ haiiyah.. dunno lah

22.wat do u want for ur birthday?
~ i want my boyfriend to be with me and kalau boleh nak hp jugak.

23.wat do u want for lebaran?
~ ermm i want my boyfriend jugak.

24.if u want to buy a car..wat wld it be?

25.if u were a car..wat car wld u choose to be?
~ i dont wanna be a car!!!

26.any piercing on u?
~ Nope

27.wld u get a tattoo?
~ Nope bout a belly pierce?
~ noppee many kids do you wan?
~ 4 u haf any homework?
~ nope...

31.MSN or yahoo?
~ Yahoo... coz my friends ramai pakai YM.

32.are u listening to any songs now?
~ Nope u believe in miracles?
~ yup

34.where do u wanna go now?
~ Wanna go home and tido.

35.wat r u plans for this week?
~ no plans. are you feeling now?
~ sleepy and bored!...

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