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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

A Millionaire's First Love

Jae-kyung is a senior in high school but he doesn't go to school often. Once he turns nineteen years old, he is going to be a millionaire. But the day before he gets a certificate of residence, his family lawyer tells him about the will from his deceased grandfather. It is specified that the fortune will go to him only if he graduates from Boram High School which is located in the countryside. He has no choice but to go there. Life changes a lot for him at Boram High School. He can`t use his credit card and can't even drive his sports car.

Meanwhile, Jae-kyung gets to know Eun-hwan there. She is different from the other country bumpkins and seems to have some secret. Jae-kyung starts to change his attitude, and the secret is about to be revealed...


Aku tengok cerita ni siap nangis-nangis lagi. Memang sedih lah. Aku pinjam Ain VCD ni. Nak harap aku beli memang aku tak beli lah. Lepas aku tengok cerita ni, aku sms Ain bagitau cerita ni sedih. Ain siap tanya aku, sekotak ke habis tisu kat rumah. Huhuhuhu. Tak der lah sampai sekotak. Tatau lah kalau orang lain tengok tak nangis lak. Aku ni memang sememeh sikit. Kalau tengok cerita sedih-sedih je mesti nak nangis. Sama gak cam buku. kalau baca buku yang jalan cerita nye sedih pun aku boleh menangis. Sentimental betul aku ni.

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