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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Valentine's Day

On this date,almost everybody,everywhere today is now celebrating valentine's day. But as for me, there is no need to celebrate coz love don't have any special day to celebrate.Everyday is a special day to celebrate love, not only on 14 Feb 2007(for those who are offence ok??.It is just my personal opinion). Does love only exist on 14 feb???. The answer is of couse no. Love have to exist everyday and continously.Love doesn't mean that we have to buy expensive presents or gifts.Love is the celebration of two soul that understand each others,share every sorrow and happiness together and sharing the responsibility towards each other.Showing your love with present is not a sin though, but it is still a waste of money if you give it to you love an expensive one(but it teaches your partner how to be materialistic person).There is a famous quote that reflect to this; love somebody for what he are, not for what he have. Gives love to someone who knows how to appreciate love with respect and with pride.

And Let's the love begin.....

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