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Thursday, June 28, 2007

I Miss My Daddy & My Mummy

Pagi tadi bukak email rasa happy sangat dapat email from my dad. Tah ape-ape jek. Macam dapat email dari pakwe lah pulak. Rindu sangat kat mak ngan abah. Alhamdulillah mak ngan abah ok kat sane walaupun banjir kat sane. Kitorang kat rumah ni risau jugak dengan banjir kat sane kan. Tapi, bile dapat sms and email from abah, tenteram sikit lah jiwa ni.

Time now is at 11pm in Vienna and time in Malaysia is 0500a.m. We arrived Vienna at noon from london. When in Newcastle we experience the very bad weather i.e. heavy rain and windy which is cool. England experience the very bad flood in around York and Sheaffield. When we wanted to travelled back to London by train, the train can just travel up to York which is half way to London. Some how or rather we manage to take a flight back to london. If not may be stranded in Newcastle and missed my flight to Vienna.

Today sightseeing in Vienna and tomorrow to Linz visiting factory and then to Salsburg.

Both of us is in good health and we sincerely hope that all of you too. We missed all of you

Regards and lot of luv from both of us

Abah dan mak.

we missed & luv u too abah and mak

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